What does your choice of wine say about your personality?

Everybody loves wine for different reasons. Whether it is for sophistication or for the taste of it; the choice can say alot about who you are as a person. Today, I want to take a look at how a woman’s choice of wine is compared to her personality.

We all know that most women love holding a wine glass in her hand, this has long been recognized in many study. It doesn’t matter whether they tell you they drink or not; if you place a nice glass of wine in her hand and give her a good story to go behind it. She will most likely accept the offer and drink it.

If you’ve come across as many women as I have, and you’ve actually sit down and speak to them, you realized that most of them don’t know much about wine. And that they are eager to learn about it. They have that curiosity in them just like I do. I also do know that most of them like the elegances that lies behind holding a long-stemmed wine glass; whether the wine is $3 or $800.

Now if you have a lady that is well traveled and know her food as well as her alcohol, then you are in for a little bit more work to figure out her preferred label and whether she prefers something that is more acidic or fruity. Each and every wine choice is as unique as the woman that you are sitting in front of right now.

So let’s take a look at the different types of wine and what it could say about the lady that you are with? We are going to start with my all time favorite:

Cabernet Sauvignon 

When a woman chose this type of wine; you best be ready to hold up your end and drop down on the number of glasses that you are drinking; because she is a very commanding and assertive person. She knows what she wants and she has the will power and urge to get it; and she will tell you directly what she wants; or she may put it across to you in a sarcastic manner and leave it to you to figure out the rest. Be sure you order her a juicy steak and make sure you start exercising to gain some musscle as she likes guys who are bold, strong, and assertive as well. She is very independent, so you have to be as well.

White Zinfandel 

Going to the opposite end of the spectrum right quick. A lady with a choice of white zinfandel often is very passionate and spontaneous. She is very colorful and less reserve and always have a thirst for adventure. She likes to be treated like a princess and usually takes whatever is given to her. Give her a white zinfandel with a little bit more alcohol content and you’ll thank me by the end of the day.


As part of my journey through the world of wine; I end up traveling alot to discover the different type of wine, and alot of time, I often meet alot of other travelers as well. Most of the lady travelers that I talk to are quite easy to get along with. And this type of wine represent that personality perfectly. Because most of the ladies I talk to are well traveled and quite open minded, it was easy to strike a conversation and have it hold up at the dinner table. On the relationship side of things; you are often very passionate. You like dark chocolate and often are very sensual; you like a man(your partner) who can touch you the right way after a glass or two of merlot.

Pinot Noir 

Unique in your own little way and are a sophistication when it comes to dating. Your conversation is filled with sarcasm that leaves the men figuring out what you are trying to convey. But there is something about your personality that I like the most; is the fact that you like small towns and you like connect with the people around you and know them well. You also like the beach scene just like I do. So men who want to woe a pinot noir drinker; the best suggestions for you would be a stroll on the beach and a bottle of wine in your backpack and two glasses, and perhap some grapes to eat with the wine while you watch the sunset or stare into the sky looking at stars or each other eyes. 


Somehow, I use to think that when I met the person who drank this type of wine, i would be happy. But end of the day; I realized that i wasn’t so open to a wild cowgirl. These type of ladies are very spontaneous and do things at the whim, leaving all inhibition behind and only think about the consequences when she wakes up. Although she love to travel and like to see the entire world, and easy to talk to; I personally prefer a woman who is more preserved.


These ladies are friend material. I keep one or two on my wine rack for the purpose of enjoying the sweetness of it. When the mood is mellow, a riesling is always there to help out and smooth things into shape. Most of the time though, it ends up giving me a headache in the morning for some reason. But always a good drink or friend to have on the side. Sauvignon Blanc These strong and sensual women personality is similar to those who drink cabernet sauvignon, but these are the classic female who are always in control and is extremely social, while those that drink cabernet sauvignon are a little bit more reserved. These women love attentions, so best suggestions for men who are dating them is to quiet down and be a good listener.

Pinot Grigio 

Whole-hearted and very spiritual. These ladies are the type that you want to marry, because they are sincere, honest, and will love you to the absolute fullest. Which is why, if you hurt them in anyway, it will take a very long time for them to heal. So drink these with care and tender and caress.


When you are in a mood to have a conversation, these drinkers are the one that you want to sit down with. They love to have long meaningful conversations with closed friends. As they love to read, starting a conversation off about a book or a story that they may have just read is a great way to struck a nerve.


Sweet and bubbly and tend to attract men with their charm and feminine style. These are the type of women that I am scare of because I tend to fall for them, but knowingly deep inside that I would have regrets later. But having a rose on the self is good when you are seeking pleasure, as they are always a pleasure to sip on.