Enjoy Wine During COVID-19 Stay At Home Order - 3 best wine delivery service

As you know, bars are closed across the country. It is time to get wine delivered to your house so you can enjoy quarantine responsibly.  These are my top three wine delivery service.

Winc is a membership/subscription service with the goal of "making discovering great wine easy." They have membership packages that range from $13 to $46, but most generally start at $60/month. The way service works is they select the wine and send it to you. And if you don't like what they send, they will send you a new bottle if you don't like what they selected.

Saucey: Want your wine right now? saucey delivered to your door instantly within the hour if not sooner. They offer delivery of any type of liquor that is sold in the liquor store. However, they are only operational in certain city for the time being. You can get a list of the cities that they offer the service at their website.

Wine Access : Learning more about wine and don't know which one to pick? Wineaccess provide expertly curated wine from the most out-of-reach wines from growth Bordeaux estates to Napa cult icons with an array of rare treasures and new discoveries in between.

No matter what wine delivery service you chose during this time of chaos, make sure you enjoy the wine responsibly at home with your love ones. Save lives by staying at home. Your first line of defense against the COVID-19 virus thank you.


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